Regional Sculpture: Work and History

Charlet Davenport

Charlet Davenport has spent the last four decades working in and out of her studio, exploring art forms that began as paintings and drawings “on the wall” to 3-dimensional installations and  elements  “off the wall” and eventually finding their place on the land.  This art has produced through the decades a series of works exploring local history through local materials ( clay, ceramics, tiles, screens, and mosaics).

In this class Charlet will explore other artists’ work transforming the same regional elements through historical reflections as land art (or art on the land).  Current sculpture we will consider  demonstrate a regional tradition of totems, monuments, and memorials as a testament on the land. The skills needed to create these works come from traditional trades of Vermont: lumbering, clay work since native people, forges of the blacksmiths, welding, stone carving of the marble and granite industry, concrete work by laborers….all are reflected in the work we will look at.

Fridays, September 21 through October 5, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Session 1

Sculpture Fest 509 Prosper Road  ( welding, wood and masonry and home building)

Meet with artists who have work on the land: Hector Santos, Herb Ferris and Sabrina Fadial

King Farm LandARTLab extension of Sculpture Fest 2018 at the Vermont Land Trust property King Farm Road. Work and History: meet with curator Jay Mead and installation artist with historical theme.

Session 2

Rutland Carving Studio and Sculpture Center and Marble Museum: Stone and, art and history of the marble quarry region.  Meet John Hikory, SculptureFest artist and past Barre marble worker.

Session 3

Barre  and Montpelier Vermont field trip: Learn about the work and history of stone carvers and marble workers..Visit Granite Museum. Check on the ongoing work of Carl Miller who is carving the new replacement sculpture of Ceres for the State House.