The Gifts of the Goddess

Nan Bourne

What we call prehistory was simply the time before humans used writing to tell stories or create tales with a purpose, what we today might call propaganda. To call it “prehistory” implies that “real” human history arrived later, dismisses this extremely long & richly formative period as somehow both negligible & basically unknowable, & unnecessary to know. In essence, it has been repressed. Thus, to unlock the secrets of this millennia-old period, that contained humanity’s birth & childhood growth, we must turn to the art of stone — ancient statues, structures & carvings , & later the rituals & beliefs of the oldest human cultures. In this silent world we find the original powers of women, powers very much needed today.

This course will examine what scientists have discovered of this earliest & most crucial period of human life, how it was forced underground & is now re-emerging in a mixture of old & new forms.

Wednesdays, April 24 – May 15,  10:00 – Noon,  29 River St.

Nan Bourne was educated at the Woodstock Country School, Radcliffe College, & in 1975 received her certificate in Transactional Analysis from the Cambridge Center for Transactional Analysis. She has spent much of her life researching issues related to gender.